Daily Camping

  • Daily Camping: $46 water view site, Water front $66. Weekly Camping: $290 water view Water front $360. Monthly Camping: $890. Check in is 2:00PM If come before 12:00PM half day charge. Check out 10:00 AM if after 12:00PM half a day charge. Deposit is $50.00 one night stay is $65.00
  • Pets: $12/Day. ALL PETS, INCLUDING VISITORíS PETS, MUST BE APPROVED BY MANAGER IN ADVANCE. (If reported off-leash except at dog beach: $30 fine, after second time, the pet must leave).
  • Camp site with more than two adults: each additional adult, $15/night. 3 adultís maximum per site. Certain sites no tents or kitchen tents.
  • Fire wood: $14/garbage pail size. Ice: $4.5/ bag. $5.00 per/dozen Worms.
  • Dock rentals: $14/day or $72/week. Minimum 2 days, includes ramp usage. Ramp usage without dockage is $28/day - TO BE PAID IN ADVANCE.

Seasonal Site

$2625.00 annual / Lake View $28250.00 / Waterfront: $3050.00

  • All yearly dues are due by April 15. Next-year deposit of $650 is due October 1. Late payments are reason for loss of use of lot. No admittance into camp until fees are paid in full. If allowed if any money outstanding after May 15 the late fee is $125.00 and 3% a month After Oct 20 Late fee for deposit is $125.00 and 3% a month. Please do not tell me you did not see me around for payment. I am, call me!
  • Trailer with more than two adults: each additional adult is $130 for season or $12 per night.
  • Seasonal Visitors Pass is $140. Includes one family at a time consisting of two adults and children. If more than one family, daily visitor rate applies. If you are not there, they are not visiting - they are camping, and daily camping rates apply ($46 a night). Daily visitor is $10 per adult. Overnight per adult are $15 visitor. Fees MUST be paid upon arrival. Please phone me from the office, you are not bugging me. (You are if you do not sign in or pay). Fee will be double if I have to chase for it. If visit is less than one hour, no charge, but all guest must still register, one hour long or not. Do not like to chase tail Lights. I am trying to stay away from installing a gate. If you do not stop, you are the reason we will have one. More work for everyone if gate happens.
  • Dock Price 16 foot Dock $450. 20foot Dock $550
  • No sub-leasing. Putting boat in water is $30.00 - Over half hour $60
  • Storage of other trailers, Jet Ski, canoe, paddle boats, and watercraft not needing dockage is $115 for season.
  • Extra car parking spot is $100 for the season. Daily parking $5/daily.
  • Trailer Winterized: $90.
  • Top Soil or Compost: $30 per bucket. Sand or Gravel: $25.00 per bucket.
  • Garbage Removal (not house hold): $6 per regular container.
  • Each Trailer is responsible for their grass and trimming and to keep things tidy. It is not fair some one person to keep their grass neat, and the person next not to. In May it has to be done a lot. Generally the rest of the year, each 2 weeks. If not park staff will cut. Trim 10.00 and cut 20.00. Please let staff know if you want it cut all the time or if you are away for a time just a few cuts. If the park can do 20 archers each week, I believe that the trailers should be able to do their own.
  • One Vehicle per lot. Fine of $25.00 for repeat offenders
  • Charging for any services in the park is prohibited. Such as grass cutting. I paid a lot of money to get my business up and running. I do not want to compete with my customers in my own business. Please notify office if any one coming into park for service work. Some jobs we have our own contractors. Such as Florida room and decks. All contractors must have liability insurance.
  • All rules and guide lines are to protect and people in park, and for everyone to have a fun and safe time.

Boat & Motor Rentals

Pleasure Craft Operator's Card is not required to rent a boat and motor if a Rental Boat Safety Checklist is completed. Deposit is required for any damage.

Rental motors are 6hp to 20hp (depending on operator experience). Boats are 14-16 foot deep-hull. $95/day PLUS gas. Each additional day is $65. Just boat or motor: half the cost of Boat and Motor. Canoe/paddleboat/kayak $25/day (free with weekly cottage rental). Weekly Boat and Motor Rental prices are $275 with weekly Cottage rental.

Dock rentals: $14/day or $72/week. Minimum 2 days (includes ramp usage). Ramp usage only is $28/day.