Daily Camping (based on 2 adults) - Waterview Site $50 Waterfront Site $70 (extra $9 per night for larger trailers and/or air conditioning). One night only fee is $75 (plus $9 if air conditioning or larger trailer).

Weekly Camping (based on 2 adults) - Waterview Site $305 Waterfront Site $390 (extra $9 per day for larger trailers and/or air conditioning.

Monthly Camping - Waterview $1020 Waterfront $1110

Check In - 1:00 pm Check out - 10:00 am (extra half day charge if arriving or leaving before noon)

Deposit - $60 per site booked

Pets - All pets must be pre-approved by owner before booking $15/day or $80/week

Third adult on site - $15 per night (no more that 3 adults TOTAL on each site)

Firewood - $15 - large recycle box

Ice - $5 per bag

Worms - $6 per dozen

Dock Rentals - $15/day or $80/week (extra charge if NOT staying at the camp)

Ramp Usage (without dock) - $30/day - pay in advance please

Seasonal Campers Pricing

Seasonal Site - $2775 - due April 15 - late fee if paid after May 15

Lakeview Site - $2975 - due April 15 - late fee if paid after May 15

Waterfront Site - $3200 - due April 15 - late fee if paid after May 15

Premium Waterfront Site - discuss with owner - due April 15

Deposit for next season - due Oct 1 - late fee if paid after Oct 31

Balance of Annual Fees due April 14 - no admittance until paid in full

EVERYONE (except seasonal primary users) MUST sign in at the office. This is an insurance regulation, as well as a by-law, and contact tracing MUST.

More than 2 Primary Users per Seasonal Site - $140 per extra adult (these people can stay overnight without seasonal camper here)

Visitors - $10 per day (leaving by 11:00 pm) - $15 per night if staying overnight (primary user MUST be here in order to have visitors

Seasonal Visitors Pass - $140 (maximum of 2 adults at a time)

Winterizing of Trailer - $95

Dock (seasonal campers) - 16 ft $450, 20 ft $550

Additional Details - Overnight Campers

  • Boat & motor Rentals
    Pleasure craft operators card is NOT required to rent a boat/motor, if a rental boat safety checklist is completed. Deposit is required for any damage

    Rental motors are 6 hp to 20 hp (depending on operator experience). Boats are 14-16 ft, deep-hull
    • $95/day plus gas - each additional day - $70
    • $315 weekly plus gas (with weekly cottage rental)
    • JUST motor OR boat - half the cost of boat and motor
  • All pets MUST be pre-approved by owner BEFORE coming - if reported off-leash (except at dog beach) fine of $30 - Second offence - pet must leave.
  • No pets within 200 feet of the main beach - you are welcome to use the dog beach
  • Certain overnight sites no tents/kitchen tents allowed (please ask owner before putting it up)
  • If visit is less than an hour, fee is waived (but ALL must still sign in)
  • Fees MUST be paid upon arrival - if I have to chase you for it the fee will be doubled
  • We are trying to avoid putting up a gate - your cooperation is greatly appreciated. A gate will be more work and expense for everyone
  • Please do not tie anything to trees (clothes lines, hammocks, pets). This causes damage
  • Putting boats in water - $30 per half hour of work
  • All rules/guidelines are to protect the people in the park, and for everyone’s enjoyment
  • Canoe/paddleboat/kayak - $25 per day.

Additional Details - Seasonal Campers

  • Main garbage bin is for household garbage ONLY (no construction materials, lawn chairs, BBQ’s, etc)
  • Storage - Seasonal Campers $135 per boat - Others - outside $280 per winter inside $400 per winter
  • More than 2 primary users - each additional adult is $140 per season or $15 per night
  • Seasonal Visitors Pass - $140 (covers 2 adults at a time) Seasonal camper MUST be on site - otherwise they are considered “camping” not visiting, and camping fees apply
  • Top soil/sand/gravel available for delivery
  • Garbage removal - $25 per bucket - $6 regular garbage pail size
  • Charging other campers for services in the park is strictly prohibited (eg. grass cutting). I paid a lot of money for this business, and I don’t want to compete with my customers in my own business
  • All outside work and contractors (eg. decks, Florida rooms, etc) MUST be pre-approved by the camp owner and provide liability insurance. Certain jobs we have our own staff do.
  • Before making any changes to your lot (eg. trees, flower gardens, etc), please speak with the owner
  • Grass cutting - $23 (cut) and $12 (trim) - in May/Jun, your lawns must be cut every 2 weeks. If not the camp will do it, and this charge will be passed on to you. You must cut your entire lot including 3 feet behind your trailer.
  • Stored wood must be neat and tidy (ideally with lattice around it).
  • Trailers must have skirting installed within 6 months of move in.

EMAILS are the best form of communication, as nothing is lost in translation, and we have a record of the items discussed.