History of Cadigan's Point - Also know as Cadigan's Camp

In 1824 two brother's Pat and Tim Cadigan left Ireland because of the potato famine and Political unrest. Due to twist of fate they ended up in the north end of Ennismore Canada near the Buckhorn and Pigeon lake border. At that time they were given land, along with a cow, a big black pot and an axe, and told good luck, you are going to need it! Pat farmed and so did his son Dan and so did his son Joe.

And that would move us up to this century. Joe met his wife Sarah on a steamboat in 1922 that did day excursions through the Kawartha Lakes, It was called the Stoney Lake, and the two other steamboats that did this were named Islander and Bessie Butler. Sarah at the age of 18 had come over from Sweden to Clevelandto work for a well to due family, generally helping with children and cleaning. She was traveling with this family when she met her to be husband. Joe and Sarah were the first to get married in the St. Martins church after it burned down in 1919. They farmed and had five children - Joe, Robert, William, Leona, Pat, and Clarence.

At that time it was not uncommon for local First Nation people to paddle over form Curve Lake by canoe to drop by to do trades or visit. In the late forties Frank Laurie started a resort called "Camp Cleveland", beside the Cadigan Farm. Sarah worked there as well as her son Bob. He was a fishing guide at the resort as well as a builder of cottages. At that time there was fly in fishing. He was well liked and worked there for 10 years. One of the most memorable guests was a Diamond wholesaler that came from Ohio. This resort is known now as Ennismore Inn. In 1952 Bob built his first cottage on the shore of the farm. He was encouraged to do so by a local storeowner Joe Sullivan and Frank Laurie. Robert married Madeline Young, from a local prominent family in 1960; they had five children, Lisa, Robert Jr, Joe, Teresita, and John. From 1952 till 1965 they built 7 cottages. In the late 60's the first camper's started to come, mostly short stays. 2008 Bob's youngest son John took over the resort business as well as the farm. Robert and Madeline currently live in the Cadigan homestead farmhouse and keep a close eye on things. John is married to Clorinda and have three children John Jr, David, Lauryn.