Alcohol - Glass containers of any kind are not permitted off the campsite. Excessive noise, drinking or profanities are not permitted. There is zero tolerance in this regard.

Construction - Construction or improvement of any kind to R.V. or the campsite must have the prior approval of the Resort Office. Where applicable the occupant will be responsible to obtain and adhere to the provisions of a building permit from the municipality having jurisdiction. The Resort office reserves the right to limit or prohibit the access by out side tradesmen or suppliers. The Resort Office reserves the right to limit time periods during which construction can take place. Specifications for decks and sheds can be obtained from Resort Office.

Children/Teenagers - The occupant is responsible at all times for the supervision conduct and behaviour of any children and teenagers. Where the children or teenagers part of the Occupant's family or are visitors, guests or invitees to the Occupant's campsite, the Occupant will ensure their compliance with all rules and regulations of the resort. All children and teenagers (person under 18) must be on adult supervised campsite by 11:00 p.m. each night. Children and teenagers may not be left in the resort at any time without adult supervision. Young children using any of the recreation facilities or equipment must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.

Clean and Tidy Condition - The Occupant, their family, guests and invitees shall maintain the R.V. and any improvements as well as the campsite and any campsite improvements in a clean tidy condition. Not allow and refuse, garbage or other loose and objectionable material to accumulate on or around property. Each Campsite is responsible for lawn maintenance of it site. Lawnmowers are available at office for use. Adults only use. All R.V.must have skirting and look in a presentable manner. No one shall use or store any hazardous substance on the campsite or in the R.V.'s for the purpose of this clause "hazardous substances" shall include all contaminants, Pollutants, waste, toxic, dangerous or harmful substances or materials.

Clotheslines - Drying of bath towels and bathing suits only permitted on the campsite. Clotheslines may not be strung from trees or shrubs on the campsite. Umbrella type clotheslines not permitted. All temporary cloths lines must be take down each night.

Register - All family, guest and invitees must register before going to campsite. If no answer at office please fill out sign in sheet in office mailbox.

Fires & Fire Pits - Fires in approved locations only. Must be in steel rim no more than 70cm across. No more that 70 cm high. All vehicles, building and material must be 15 ft away. The Occupant, their family guests and invitees are responsible to ensure that any fire is under control at all times and such fire is fully extinguished after each use, either before leaving the campsite or retiring for the evening. Storage of firewood on the campsite is subject to review and approval of the resort office and must be out of sight and in no event shall more firewood be kept on the site than can be used during the camping season.

Fireworks - Any use of fireworks is supervised by office staff, at secure location. Must be approved before date of use. Any other use is strictly prohibited.

Garbage Disposal - Disposal of garbage will be restricted to designated garbage collection areas, as posted by Resort Office. All garbage must be in a sealed plastic bag to prevent debris and odour. All recyclable material must be separate from garbage. Failure to do this may result in addition charges, and or loss of use of disposal service. Kitchen garage only. Construction and other garbage must be disposed of outside of Resort. It is prohibited to put fire-pit ash, branches, leaves, pinecones or wood in garbage.

Insurance - The Resort will not be held responsible or liable for any damage or theft. It is the responsibility of the Occupant to provide current property as well as liability insurance. Please be prepared to supply the resort office with a copy of your insurance policy.

Landscaping/Trees - The Occupant, their family, guest or invitees shall not injure or remove the lawn, shade trees, shrubbery or other trees or plants anywhere on resort, including the camp site. The Occupant shall be responsible to the resort for any damages to the campsite, the resort or any of its facilities or amenities, caused by the Occupant, his family, guest, visitors or invitees. No throwing of rocks in water.

Parking - The parking of motor vehicles is restricted to the designated parking space(s) on the resort site, or to designate visitors parking areas within the resort a maximum of one vehicle are permitted on each campsite. Additional vehicles must be parked in designated visitors parking areas. Under no circumstance are vehicles permitted to park along private roadways within the resort. Vehicles parked on the private roadways will be subject to towing.

Pets - 2 dogs or 2 cats per campsite. No visitor's pets allowed. All pets must be approved before allowed on resort. Free ranging of pets at any time is prohibited. No pet may be tied on a lead without a handler and no unattended chaining or tethering of a pet outside of the R.V.. Noisy or unruly pets or pets that constitute a nuisance or are not controlled by Occupants will, upon the written request of the Resort Office, be permanently removed from the resort. Any pets that bite will be asked to leave immediately. Pets will not be permitted entry to any building, playing fields or beach area, except dog beach area. All pets must be tagged, have proper shots and shall comply with any municipal bylaws. It's the Occupants responsibility to care properly for any pet and to clean and restore any areas of the campsite or the resort where mess or damage has occurred. The Resort Office reserves the right to refuse entry to large or aggressive dogs. All dogs must by walked on lease at all times.

Beaches/Docks - Are unsupervised by resort management and use of the beaches and docks for any purpose is strictly at the user own risk. Children under twelve years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times when playing in these locations. It is the Occupants responsibility to ensure that their family, guest, visitors and invitees are fully apprised of, and complies fully with the rules and regulations.

Quite Enjoyment - No occupant shall create or permit the creation of or continuation of any noise or nuisance that disturbs the comfort or quiet enjoyment of any other occupant, or guest of the resort. No noise will be permitted out side of the R.V.between 11:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. Dependent children must be on your campsite or a campsite supervised by whoever paid the camp fee by 11:00 p.m. curfew. In the event of campers at the occupant's campsite, the occupant is responsible and will be held accountable to ensure noise restrictions are observed.

Renting of R.V. - Renting or leasing out of the R.V. is strictly prohibited. Where any occupant is found to have rented, tenant will be asked to vacate.

R.V. Sales/R.V. and improvement purposes - All R.V.'sales with the resort must be handled through Resort Office. No "For Sale" signs are permitted to be displayed on either the R.V.or the campsite. Management reserves the right to disallow any sale of a R.V. intended to remain in the resort where the R.V.'s Age or condition do not meet resort standards. New and used R.V.Sunrooms, screen rooms and hard awnings must be factory fabricated and must have the prior approval.

Satellite Dishes/TV Towers - TV Towers must be painted and in good physical condition. Mini satellites dishes not to exceed 18" in diameter. All locations towers and Dishes must be pre approved.

Season Fees - seasonal fees are not refundable after May 1. (Deposits are non-fundable) Should you decide to leave or are asked to leave the resort before the season is complete you will not be reimbursed for your seasonal fees.

Sheds - Only one shed is permitted on each campsite. Sheds must be factory fabricated: a maximum of 7'x 7' in size and the location of the shed on the campsite must be approved by resort office. Not all existing are conforming. All new will have to be.

Skirting of Park Models - All R.V.'s must be skirted with one year of purchase and set up in the Resort. Skirting must be maintained in a first class manner at all times. Specifications for skirting may be obtained form office.

Soliciting - Soliciting or the distribution of literature is prohibited anywhere within the resort.

Speed Limit - The speed limit of any licensed motor vehicle operating within the resort is restricted to 10 km/h. ATV and mini bikes are not allowed to drive in resort. Two stroke Jet Ski's must be rode 700meters from resort to not disturb that peace on other occupants.

Tents - One screened tent without a floor, for dining is permitted on the campsite. Sleeping tents are not permitted on seasonal campsites except with the prior express permission of management. Under no circumstances will a sleeping tent to permitted on a seasonal campsite where screened tent already exists for dining? Where the resort there shall be no more than one sleeping tent erected per permits a sleeping tent campsite and campsite and such tent shall not be erected before dusk and shall be removed each morning. Under no circumstance will any seasonal campsite be permitted to erect a sleeping tent for more than five days.

Theft and Vandalism - There is zero tolerance policy in effect in respect of any acts of theft or vandalism within the resort. In the event that an Occupant, their family, guest or invitees are caught vandalizing or defacing property or stealing, the occupation will be immediately terminated and the Occupant will be evicted form the resort without adjustment of seasonal fee.

Visitors/Occupants - Daily visitors must leave 10:00 p.m. All visitors must register.